The easiest way to sell your used furniture and household items!

After running my Professional Organizing business, Farmington Valley Organizing, for 10 years, I have finally found an easy way to help my clients sell a lot of furniture and household items.

In the past there were a few cumbersome methods:

  • Tag or Estate Sale;  this requires LOT of time and effort on the seller’s part and draws a small local market of buyers.  Buyers bicker on price and are expecting to pay rock bottom prices. Not everything will sell.
  • Dealer buy out;  This is an option if you are willing to get multiple bids and have high quality items. Dealers will typically pay 20% of the retail value of an item.
  • Ebay;  requires photos and descriptions of each item. Items may or may not sell. It could take months for something to sell at your price and you have to ship. Ugh.
  • Consignment shops;  Consignment shops require that you transport your items to them or pay for transportation costs. They typically take 50-60% and it may take months for your items to sell.
  • Donate – easy but no income.

With these options, Estate liquidation and Downsizing have always been a challenge. But, now I have found a method that I am so excited about, I completely changed my business model to focus only on bringing this service to my clients.   Early in 2014, I established New England Online Auctions LLC to help you downsize with an online only estate auction :

  • Fast:  7-14 days
  • Easy; My associates and I do all the work
  • Safe; no strangers are previewing your items
  • Reaches over 40,000 registered online bidders in  multiple states
  • No Shipping; paid buyers must come and pick up their items all at the same time.
  • Items are sold in ‘Lots’ not one at a time.
  • Commission runs 20 – 30 %

Review my website and read more about how it works. If you have items to sell, call me for a free auction assessment. Linda Pulford 860.558.1747.

Confidential and Insured Services for Business and Residential clients.

Some recently sold items:

leather loveseat

Patio Furniture










Nesting Tables