About the Online Auction Process

It starts with a free assessment. You call to arrange your assessment appointment; 860.558.1747. I will come out and review what you would like to sell and discuss if the online auction is the best route for your items.

I will explain the contract details and answer your questions. We can discuss your specific needs and the logistics of your particular auction. If you decide to go ahead, we can set a date to photograph and prepare your items for the auction.

On auction preparation day, I will come to the home with an experienced, professional colleague. We will group the items together into lots, measure large items,  take several photos and write up detailed descriptions.  This process typically takes 4-6 hours, but every auction is different, depending on how photo ready the items are and how many small items there are.

example of a “lot”

I then go back to the office and edit the photos and the descriptions and post the auction with Absolute Auctions and Realty.  Over 45,000 bidders are notified via email. I will also post your auction on Facebook and to my personal 1,500 email contacts. I will  send you the link to your auction so you can share it as you wish.  The bidders only know the town where the auction is and the pick up date and time which we have agreed upon. They do not get the address.  

An auction usually stays live for 10 days to 2 weeks. The bidding begins slowly and most bids occur in the last hour of the auction. Bids start at $1 per lot. You may set a reserve, which is a minimum selling price.

Bidders bid based solely on the photos and descriptions. No one is coming though your home to preview items.

At the end of the auction, winning bidders are notified and they have 24 hours to pay Absolute Auctions and Realty. After they pay, they are given directions to the pickup.

On pick up day, I will be there to supervise the pickup. All buyers pick up at the same time. They must pack their own items. They must take everything in the lot they purchased. There is no shipping. Pick up typically takes 2-3 hours.

Absolute Auctions and Realty calculates your earnings. The auction house takes 25% of each lot. The minimum charge is $20 per lot. Labor for photography and pick up sessions are charged at $30 per person hour. You pay nothing up front. Everything is taken out of the proceeds of your auction.

Exceptions to this process are fine art and jewelry, which are typically transported to the NY auction house for previewing by prospective buyers.